Reviews for "NGTTXIV Group A"

Simply wonderful...

Good job all for such great work!

they were all fine...

But I LOVED the last one!!

One of the most cleaver cartoons I've ever seen... Such an awesome take on film noir!!!
It should be in a submission by itself!! or maybe SecretAgentRege can do another on like that but longer!!

Oh, and by the way I'm a big Calvin and Hobbes fan too!! and his name is BILL Watterson... not Bob.


that was fukin sweet

i liked em all and off corse i loved luis's 1 cause that was sick and i love luis and all of his work he does cause he a pro.MAKE MORE DAMMIT MAAAAAAKKKKKKKKEE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are all very, very talented artists. We need to see more of you on Newgrounds! That was awesome! Each one of you has your own unique style of drawing. 10/10. This has to be one of my fave NGTT's.

Nice collection!

That was great! I love the animation, with the whole pen and paper feel, and love the theme. My favourite was the SecretAgentRege one! DayDreaming!