Reviews for "Megaman 2 Opening and Title"


I friggin love this game and 1 question is going thru my mind: WHY HAVEN'T ANYBODY STILL REVIEWED THIS!?
The first part has a "Christmas feeling". like as if it is Christmas in the MM world!! You made it sound like that since it is made in December,right?

BlueFlameDude responds:

yes i did!
(the first review, and on my b-day too)

thanks for the awsome review!

Old Skool

Man, old NES megaman was the best! When they remade for super/sega it got lame quick. And then MMX? Pfft.

Old megaman any day. And keep up this good music! :)


megaman 2 got the est musics

Wheres megaman? Wheres megaman? the mega-

Sorry, BrentalFloss' lyrics just keep getting stuck in my head.


MegaMan-one of the greatist games of all time :)