Reviews for "Into My Oesophagus"


My favourite poem ever. It perfectly illustrates for me the throws of anxiety along with drug abuse and eating disorders. An absolute masterpiece i cannot overstate at all. I thing about the internalisaed retrogress of all of us.
Simply a life changing insight.
From the bottom of my heart ee..
Peace with the cheese.

That hits the spot.

Perfectly done, deep and very funny.
I don't know what else to say, someone should make a section of newgrounds for all the good things so they arn't so hard to find in amongst all the thirteen year old stick fighting and animal swearing movies.

So weird that I remembered it randomly today after seeing it when it was first submitted to the portal. Can't wait to see what you've done since. Keep being awesome dude.


So Pink and Squishy, Yet so light and funny.
I like it, Its got humor, a really wierd voice and poem and plot.
Unless Intended, Do not do that arm fade thing when its moving to the handles.

4 Plx

Morlonic responds:

Yeah, I knew it...some people wouldn't like the fade thing. That's OK with me though.
Thankyou very much!


Very unique style... I like it.