Reviews for "Into My Oesophagus"

Nice Job

Nice job dude this is a great flash I like your background alot. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!


So Pink and Squishy, Yet so light and funny.
I like it, Its got humor, a really wierd voice and poem and plot.
Unless Intended, Do not do that arm fade thing when its moving to the handles.

4 Plx

Morlonic responds:

Yeah, I knew it...some people wouldn't like the fade thing. That's OK with me though.
Thankyou very much!

That was great

Firstly...I love the room he was sitting in. I want my room to be like that. Secondly great poem. The way I interpret it is a dark poem about depression or self loathing, and swallowing yourself up to escape from whatever the pain is, but the style of drawing, especially the crayon room gave it a a lighter comedy setting suggesting its not all bad? And the old sound aswell...bloody great voice. Made me smile. But I dont pretend to know alot about poetry so forgive me if i'm way off. Either way I enjoyed it.

Morlonic responds:

No no...good work. The poem doesn't mean much to me... it's just my version of humour that I'm playing with at the moment. It's not all that obvious but people like you that acknowledge and appreciate the smaller things that makes it worthwhile.
Oh and don't worry- I don't know much about poetry either.


strange poem, but its nice to see someone can actually draw hands properly in flasg and animate them well lol.

Morlonic responds:

Hey, I'm glad someone noticed! Thankyou.


great poem, great style. one of my favourites.