Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

Holy Mother of B!

That was the hotness, Strange!

Totally Awesome, I loved every second of your latest movie. You add a special blend of humor and sexyness to every new movie you craft.


StrangeClock responds:

Much <3 to you!



Yay! twas gr8! make some more or die! *runs away

Kick ass!...

I liked part one and loved part two but the thing that got on my nerves was that the way they talk.. i know that's how those clocks talk and all but it kinda got on my nerves... yyeeeahhh... and one more thing.. HOW THE *BLEEP* can a turd sweat.. Hmmm O_O well keep up the work!

Clock movies

Make me all happy inside. And this one did the very same. Pube Muppet as the bad guy. Hilarious. Good job.

Stop it.

You're making us look swell :[