Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

this is good

but clocks still scare me
they always will



nothing interesting! sorry!

just too bad nobody knows how you make these

Here we go again... another clock movie... The annoying voices, with the annoying clock-characters. You just take them of some site, motion tween them... and let them say the most dumbest things they could say.
The only thing I mostly like in cockcrew movies are the backgrounds though... Good use of shades. But there it ends...
Conslusion: kiddy-movie
(I'm from Belgium so if I wrote errors, don't whine about it)

StrangeClock responds:

I'll make this brief: fuck you.

I will never understand this whole clock thing.

Your a good animator...but WTF is this crap with clocks, is so damn annoying. Bahhh!

StrangeClock responds:

I'm sorry it's not up to your usual high "hamster and 69" humor standard.