Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"


.........in the hell did I put this on my favorites list?!? Because it fucking ruled!! I laughed my ass off, and I was equally impressed visually, sound was excellent. Everything was smooth....Great Job!! High caliber shit, I'm very impressed by a CC member again!!

StrangeClock responds:

Thanks a bunch!


Great parody of cop drama chows in general.

This movie had the feel of an action comedy but it was more comedy than anything.

The funniest submission i seen all day.

Good work i give this two thumbs up!

I said this before..

but my other account got banned.
StrangeClock, I love you. This is one of the best clockmovies I've seen.
You have my blessing :)


Very Nice

Why are the British always portrayed as gays? Nice violence =D also it was funny.


Perfectly Clock!

Great Sound, Great Music, Very good art and animation. Funny story.
Perfect Clock characters.
What really made it was the simple gag of watching the bullets go through the gaps in the shape of "you".
Loved the voices. Thanks for subtitles. Good, proper credits and YES you are the Best!