Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

hahaaha awsome

That was great, loved the plot, music, etc. I really liked the death animations when Pube muppet's henchman were shot. Plus I couldn't stop laughing after I saw the french pube muppet. Great job dude!


:) Good job Strange. Everything about this movie was great.

Tat was soo goood tat it almost drove me insaane!!

Well, im not exactly sure if i was almost driven insane or not...
cuz the space gnomes are still deliberating after my interstellar psych evaluation.
but i slipped the one with the beady eyes a $20 so it should turn out alright.

Excellent work, Strange.

I like how teh Turd gets teh biggest gun.


i seriously watched this nearly 35 times and its still funny