Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

blackberry speaks the truth! 5!

that was fucking amazing! very very very funne@1 your art and animation was the best i've seen in a long time! you are the best!1 HaIL StrangeClock Savior of teh CC!!11 lol penis. ^_^ <3

StrangeClock responds:




I like clocks now!! This movie was really funny and uhhh make more! All your movies and that 1 game are great!!!11111111

Can yu say "Animation festival"?

I think this is awesome animation festival material. Spike & Mike or something. I'm serious. Which is rare for me.

i hate that song!!! >_<

everything was so PERFECT! until you put that god damned song Go West in there! I fucking hate that song! >_< awesome flash though! 5iven'D

take back every bad thing ive said bout the clocks

just seeing the 21 o'clock series has made me a clock fan. The graphics and the flash were very good and it was very funny!!!!

keep up the good work :)