Reviews for "21 O'Clock Street"

One of the best clock movies out there

i shat bricks once i saw this masterpiece. it parody's tv so well

The Best of Strange clock.

Dude, this is fucking awesome. Also one of my favorite clock movies of all time. If there was a third one where the Pube Muppet Breaks out of Jail. Seriously Strangeclock your are awesome. Keep up the good work.

One thing is bothering me....

That there is clocks
They suck
They banned me for no reason twice!!
You're a clock but you left...
That doesn't mean that you are my enemy
Who cares
That flash is good,the animation is awesome and the overall is good and the sounds are clear
Nice work for a clock!!!


But why are the clocks ticking?
The clock crew's clocks are not ticking,they are all in one time
Andsometimes their clocks look like they're laughing
Don't make the clocks ticking!


Funny as hell