Reviews for "Barlow"

so awesome

This is so awesome keep makeing music and you will be one of the guys who everyone will reconmend for music for their submissions. I like the guitar the drumbeat is well o.k but this is one awesome song

Bosa responds:

Wow, very inspirational. No longer will I be small.


I'm giving this a great review, simply because you named it after me.

Bosa responds:

Ah yes, my friend, Cthulu. Indeed, I named it after you because your other name reminded me of a western sense.

I have several things...

To say about this here Barlow.

The first thing I'd like to say is I'm still surprised by how clear your material is. Compared to everything else I've listened to, all your songs are the highest quality in regards to sound clarity.

Next, I'd like to make a small bit of a request. I've always been a big fan of Lucas Arts games, and quite some time ago they came out with a western themed game called Outlaws. Now, not all the tracks were great, but there were a number of them that I think captured the essence of the western guitar better than anything else I can think of.

If you could, I'd love to hear a mix or two of your own from that game if you could manage to find the songs *or game* anywhere. They have always held a place dear to my heart...as music I love often does *especially the main theme with the whistling...!*. Anyway. Just a silly request from a silly fan.


Bosa responds:

Have no fear! Bosa is here! And, he will grant your wishes! And uh.. thanks for the review. I'll see what I can do.

Your friend, ├čosa


The guitar play was good but not very varied and got repetive pretty fast. and i didn't like the drumbeat, sounded too much like a dance beat. otherwise good work!

Bosa responds:

Hey, thanks. Yeah, I should have left the drumbeat out. I thought it would make you feel like your back on the saddle and headed through the desert. It took a while to create and alot of screw ups. But, I think it was a pretty good success. Thank you for listening to my tunes. There is more coming!