Reviews for "Barlow"

Simply brilliant

This captures the genre perfectly- I'm surprised it hasn't been used in more flash submissions!

Seriously, well done. I can't stop listening to it, which has to be a good sign.

2 Words


I just loved this whole song,Everything sounded so clear and went well with each other.Good job .


Ok, as a rule, I ABHOR country/western music. But you might have just changed that for me! This was simply amazing (and to think, it only gets better from here! Insane, eh?)
Keep up the good work! I'll be looking through your other submissions, as well. ^^


When i listened to this i just imagined myself riding on horseback through a town (in slow motion all dramatic like the movies) as some badass cowboy lol.

Awesome job man, you own.

Hot damn

Very peaceful, great lead guitar and rhythm. Good drums, overall wonderful. Keep 'em coming.