Reviews for "Land Whale"

A nice art style you have there, would definitely make a great mural. A great concept.

Also, I'm sure you get this a lot but it looks a lot like Adventure Time.


The first thing that comes to my mind...Adventure Time!
This is a very unusual yet creative piece! Keep it up!

A giant whale that is eating the land... kinda creepy but interesting to say the least. The colors were simple and the art is good. If a whale could actually do that, I would be sick to my stomach seeing that. lol I liked this. This was cool. Well done Gib! :D

-Seamonky: Voted 4!

This is awesome. It's very creative and the art style is awesome.

This was a nice little picture you drew I liked the cartoonish style it had also I liked the net fin and the land from the whale's mouth was designed very well,overall you did a nice job. :-)