Reviews for "War."


This is on the very hard to get on list of my top flash movies. I agree with everyone who says that not only is this great animation and music, this conveys a great point about war and the pointlessness of it. This flash movie also introduced me to Kaizers Orchestra, the Norweigen rock band who does "Bak et Hallelujah", the song in this animation. Now I'm obsessed with them! Anyways, AMAZING JOB! 10/10. Couldn't possibly better.


This is a truly fantastic masterpiece. The music is great and so is the animation. Most important of all is the message it sends. It shows us all the pointlessness of war and how it is doomed to destroy our lives and those of everyone else. Seeking control over the world is truly a pointless goal. There will always be those who will be stronger, and more people like you. The only way to maintain a steady world is the message of peace, especially the "no" sign at the end. Manuel, you may not believe in religion, but this touched me in a very religious way.


my favorite flash movie by far!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5 10/10

great vid

i love the music

keep up the great work


The most nicely done animation i ever see, great music i loved it