Reviews for "THE Orange Knight"

Id' kill for this armor.

if while playing Skyrim I found some one with this armor I'd have it or die trying.
Sweet piece of art my friend!

dommi-fresh responds:

that would be epic armour in skyrim

Completely awesome

Just like the rest, sweet work Dommi!

dommi-fresh responds:

cheers CR always good to here from you

Awesome Dude!

it would be more awesome if he made fire wift his hands

dommi-fresh responds:

yea i kept magic outta my versions not cause i dislike the magic just the style i went for

i uhh...


dommi-fresh responds:

me too

Very nice!

I can easily see this guy kicking the Black Knight's ass from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I really like the detail you added to the epaulets and shin plates.

dommi-fresh responds:

tbh every can beat the black knight except the green knight apparently