Reviews for "The Link Soap 3"

gotta love that fucking hamster

great flash. and thanks for killing that spotlight stealing fucker in red, thats right i mean info gaurd 2. asshole


Where this lacks in graphics and style, it definetely makes up in humor. Bravo man! 4/5


wow that is not bad


Link/Ganon... I became strangely addicted to that pairing a while ago... That's so cute. (Don't blame me, blame my natural 'yaoi fan' genes because I'm a girl and mostly all of us have that thing where gay/bisexual guys are CUTE! I don't know why.)

Anyway, that was funny. Heh, I was WONDERING why Hamtaro was in it... I liked the UNO thing. Some of my family are absolutely obsessed with that game.

I agree with Solid Snak 2 though, sometimes it's hard to tell who's talking. You might wanna add buttons so viewers can decide when to continue the dialogue - it goes just a tad fast sometimes.

YAY! LINK/GANON!!! *Happy dance*


Love, Sada

PiGPEN responds:

This is officially my favorite review ever.

That was kool

but the only problem i had was with the captions. it's hard to tell who's talking sumtimes. well anywayz that was wicked keep up the good work :)