Reviews for "The Link Soap 3"


I REALLY LIKED THAT! Some very good jokes.

what the hell?

I guess it's funny but that's just kinda weird

enraged sephroith you idiot

uno is a card game. when you have one card left u say uno.good flash

Know why I gave it a 2?

Reason 1. You zoom in too close on the characters, so close in fact that they look horribly pixelated.

Reason 2. The whole Link "gay" thing was uncalled for.

Reason 3. Why in the world did Mario say "UNO" (one) instead of saying "OH NO!"?

My advice: Do some editing before you submit it. It has a great soundtrack, funny plotline, just fix the bugs out.

pretty good

this was pretty funny. only thing i don't like is it's too hard to figure out who's talking. and for slower readers like me, there isn't enough time to read the shit. so put some voicing in it please. but over all i liked it.