Reviews for "The Link Soap 3"

That was intresting...

Why in the world did you put hamtaro in? It was great, but I don't get that, and why in the world is Zelda evil? It would be ssoo coolif she was possesd.

PiGPEN responds:

Because Hamtaro is an awesome actor.

((( DECENT )))

This was cute, and entertaining decent, the sprites were neat looking, and very cute like, as for the story it was ok, the text boxes helped to keep along but what might make this flash better is some voice-dialogs from the characters to give it a better outcome, anyways nice flash and sorta funny...



nice job. I can't wait untill the next one. By the way who said that they think that they are pregnent?


This is an awesome storyline so far... i cant wait to see the next in the line of Link Soaps


who got pregnate???