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Reviews for "Ray - Part 2"

nothin like it

what could be better than a day in the life of your local hitman?

ihpe part 3 comes out

i love being a badass on this i cant wait till part 3 is out

I like it.

It's good I loved being a complete badass, nice job.

A worthy successor

The 2nd part is still cool as the 1st one and even cooler, thanks to the minigames. But the Map at the start i pretty useless. A nice idea but useless if you see ist only twice and then you're forced to klick on only one building. And my biggest problem with Part 2 is that u have to take the long way vom one scene and the credits to see all ranks. That was better on Part 1 where u start with the credits to see the ranks. Overall a F***ING!!! nice game and i will play it as long as I get the most less points and the best rank. ^^

"best game ever"

I really love this game and i hope the next is as good or better than this and part 1.