Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

Was better than a stick in the eye

I don't get it? Pretty good potential...


and well... pointless...

thanks for appealing to the lowest common denominator


I can't stand this self indulgent crap. I mean do you make these to proclaim your own perceived "coolness"? More humor, less ego.

That, and the banal anime art style is exhausting. Okay, fine, I guess you're trying to imitate Gaia. But I can't imagine anyone over the age of 14 being a regular at Gaia without suffering from daily aneurisms.

I think people who frequent Gaia are much better sources o' comedy than the community itself. You sir are your own joke.


hey Zachial_Itien when you put it that way Cycon sounds like a real dick...n e way why the hell would you run over foamy hes way cooler then the dick crew