Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

It's a Great day!!!!!!

It's Knives ((Ha I'm still around Bwahahaha!!!))

Another Kickass movie.
More killing Foamy!!!!!
When are your hot topic shirts coming out?

Well see ya in the chats!

DCK Forever!!!!!!!!!!


anything that kills that stupid foamy gets bonus points! you need to make more movies with those ppl in them, they rock.

Flash God!!!!

No Matter what any one Says You rule Dude And My life Is Like That Except For The killing(Well Maybe A little)Any Way this Is Going In My Siggy on Gaia Sweeeeeet

Very good

Like the little foamy parody


Everything about this is great

your anti-foamy reference was wonderfully put, the introductions were very well done, the music was humorous and catchy, All your references to your previous movies are great, keep it up!