Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

Great work again DCK!

The title says it all you guys do excellent work. You lost one point overall because you killed Foamy the Squirrel. Hoppng to see more


THIS RULES. Everything you do rules. Wooooooo-tah. ^-^ Mew mew!

Is it just me, or is Klunk a helluva lot like Hyde from That 70's Show?


Okay so like yeah. That was hilarious. Short Foamy parody there...? I'm getting kind of sick of those... Maybe Germaine should have her own cartoon... JIM's comics are funnier...

...But that's beside the point!

Cycon rules. WOooooOOOt!

Nice job on this one! I vote 5! (I'm such a mindless sheep...)


i have been waiting too long for this day!and i thought that you were dead or something until i saw this.
no-wonder you wern't on gaia that much anymore because you were concentrating on this.
by the way i'l pass the word round gaia for you.=3

Good luck with feedback

i'll pass the word around on gaia


Kewll tribute, I like it,
the drawings and the animations are good,
and the song is happy ^^,