Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

It's a Great day!!!!!!

It's Knives ((Ha I'm still around Bwahahaha!!!))

Another Kickass movie.
More killing Foamy!!!!!
When are your hot topic shirts coming out?

Well see ya in the chats!

DCK Forever!!!!!!!!!!

Another DcK Wonder

Not bad for a third time 'round
I still say you should make more ;)

And for those who are giving it bad reviews because they dotn understand some of the things in this movie, you might wanna watch soem of his other movies first.
*coem on, you only need to watch two, dont be lazy =P*
Good job and Make more damnit >:(


Nice animation

the animation was more than I expected but the part were he shot the person in the wheel chair....i have one question "why"? but other then that the music went very well with it and you definitly have something here to biuld from ie another series of the dck crew

Very nice

This is very nice movie abit mad/crazy but a good movie

i just wet myself it was so good

i love that movie like i love a child
excellent my son bravo