Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"


very good movie. your other 2 movies are awesome and this one is just as good. good job, hope this gets an award too.

Uh, not bad.

Nice art, the animation was a bit rigid, but everything went along fine with the music.

My only beef is that you had an intro, and went to all the trouble of naming the characters as if this was a big epic.

This 'episode' consists of someone falling off a roof, a squirrel getting run over, and a handicapped girl getting shot.

Not a lot of content.


Awesome graphics and nice violence. The music is a bit strange. Heh you shot Cig again.

this is just great

nothing else 2 say

Hehe Foamy got run over...

That was great! :D Maybe I'll make up a little world in which I have a girlfriend and stuff... I'll just get animal Crossing...