Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

Nice Day

It has been a Nice Day after I saw this flash. Dude you can't be serious I love the style you used. The Wrong Vagina was one of the funniest flashes I have ever scene! You should just make a series out of the characters dude dont do something different! Like I said this is an awesome style. I love the characters they all have the different personalities and you could tell just by the look of the characters. The whole flash ran so smoothly and I loved the little parady in it! The sound was awesome I really liked the choice of music it was a great pick. This seemed more like a opening sequence to me than a actual flash thats why you should make a series out of it. I loved the flash it was awesome you should be very proud of your work.

OVerall: Nice Day Nice Work 9

"is this cycon the king of newgrounds?"

i dont think that sentince exists no questions asked that you are the supreem ruler of newgrounds!!!

Thank You Sir

I needed that I was In such a bad mood but u pirked me up with that kick ass video =D

I loved your "The Wrong Vagina" Flash

This one is also very good but not as good as your other one.

ha ha foamy died.

im a fan of illwillpress work but foamy getting wasted while in the middle of one of his rants still made me LMAO.