Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

Haha, stupid foamy

Yeah, that stupid foamy. He deserves to die. So true. So very true.

hahahaha you killed foamy

that rules that you killed foamy, that makes my day! i liked the valentines day one or something like that, was real funny. this one was just an interesting song (lol) with a weird video. make a real episode!


I loved it. But stop wasting time on Project DCK movies and do your damn matrix movie for LF!!!

hmm killing foamy gets you a 3.......

and all the other 1337 gets you a 5! wh00!

This entry is very well made.

You did well on making this entry. This entry is recieving high marks. I will vote 5 on this every because of this. Also Foamy had his way with throwing acorns at people. Why not maker later.