Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

An overall great flash

The different style you used in this flash, as opposed to your others, was refreshing to see. Don't get me wrong your other work, like ode to ciggarettes, were also great, but its nice to see a flash animator having talent on multiple styles.

Yay for DCK :P

Pretty cool, I loved the other two cartoons and even though this one isnt as blunt and full of smartassiness I love it! ... Kinda ironic though since I'm watching a flash telling me to have a nice day before a hurricane hits us... oh well! Great job (again!)!!

I love it

i have been waiting for a new flash from u guy for a long time. :D keep up the good work. i love you. hehe.

Good, good.


To my fellow Gaian

I see you're still pissed off at that whole crane incident lol. Let it go man let it goooo! Seriously very funny work as usual hope you submit more.