Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"


Cool graphics.
Nice style.
You Killed FOAMY !!

Weird violence.
You Killed FOAMY !!

Pretty good flash overall :)
Funny Foamy cameo !!

I had a fucking bad day today!

Dude, cool movie and all, I liked the graphics and the song, very well done!

BUT, this just fits right in my day today! -.-
I had the fucking worst day today! OH WELL!
Just kinda fitted in! Good job though, like your work! Keep it up!

that was it

wtf. it had a cool start but didnt go anywhere. how retarded. and the violence was just dumb. it had no place in there and yet you felt like you had to do it?ok, i like your artwork, but lame bro

What a rip off

I have been to you damn web site, wasting time watching for this cartoon. Everytime I came to Newgrounds, I hoped it'd be ready. I know this shit takes a long time to do, and you've got college and a shit load of other extraccaricular activities, but damn....... that was lame. NOTHING HAPPENED. YOu reused some stuff, and introduced two broads. Thats....great...you bastards!...anyways fiver from me.


it was great make one with a story u got some great characters:) WHY YOU KILL FOAMY!!!!:P gj