Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

<.< Okay... killing off Foamy wasn't cool...

so I knocked you down a star. That was Foamy right? My apologies if not. You did do it in a funny way though. I liked it, it was nice and upbeat in a manic way I think... I might be wrong on my use of manic but I think you get what I mean. I especially liked the 'he's a lesbian' part. Question though... who was that on the roof that fell and went splat? They seemed cool. Ah well.

aww, poor Klunk

so sad


i love its so upbeat while dark at the same time

aww X)

that was awesome!! liked the song too and the √ľart when the squirrel got squished or wasnt it a squirrel? anyways it rocked :) 10 XP

Cute! :3

I loved it!! :3 It's cute, too, lol. I like the little song with it, too! Hope I see more of your work!! XD