Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

That was so nice

i loved that the music was so nice the animation was nice and i do feel i'm goin to have a nice day even though it is absolute pissing down with rain but hey what you goin to do

gr8 but i wonder hmmm.......

....do u think u will ever get blammed,....me niether XD gr8 work


OMFG! When he killed the girl pushing the wheelchair he had a Scooby Doo laugh!!!! OMFG!!!! OMFG!!!! THAT! is the most insanely appropriate laugh for that scene! Just imagine a serial killer hero going around town killing innocents then laughing that goofy Scooby Doo laugh! It would be mad! MAD! I tell you! LOL!

i can't belive you guys killed Foamy...

that was fuckin' hilarious though! Cycons' life is way better than mine... and i knew Damien was a lesbian! LOL!

2 thumbs up!

Funny as hell!
Although I saw a little mistake...Damien was referred to as 'he'..
(Damien: He's a lesbian) Anyways..you've got the skill.