Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

nice, good job

yeah that did it for me, and it helped me get reintroduced to the characters. however its too short for my fav list.

I feel happy

'Nuff said.

Brings back memories when I was 15 years old ^^

XD He Kills again!

He shoots,he kills again!I watched Ode to Cigarette and the short haired girl said that he was a loser then he shoots in her head,i wonder how she survived that.(bullet in her head o.o)

omg he shot cig again!

Man i my i love all the characters there all hilarious...wait a minute der...if this is about gaia. then do you have a gaia? mine Eric_McLaglen heh i used to be emo but now i show off porn!

wat the ......

is the red head guy a girl........ omg