Reviews for "Day in the Life of Cycon"

I liked it

I mean it was pretty much in the same stlye of your other cartoons though i did think the graphics were a bit worst than usual


wiked sick!
what was with the cat like kirby thing?

Made my day!

Made me smile! your characters are kickass!

This video is the coolest I have ever seen!

This is the most awesome video I have ever seen in my life. It's once in a while that I see something violent for the first time since I turned 18 years old. I hope I see more videos like this.

He Strikes Back!

I did like the Foamy reference (from neurotically yours by illwillpress), personally I support illwillpress, but the joke was still funnier than the other spoofs on Foamy that people do.

Violence solves alot of problems it seems, Great work, this flash has made my day happier!