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Reviews for "^school life"

you got taste!

whoa you got a tough school.
thta was good thou better colors wud do.
o and batmans belt seems to be buggy.


Artwork is superb, hopefully more of such on NG in future. Funny and exagerrated plot. However, I couldn't make out much from the voiceover, and some sounds don't seem to sync with actions in the movie (e.g. punching, kicking). Subtitles would have been a great addition.

Just one thing...

For such a ridiculously good animation, the sound was really off. Even when I raised the volume, I couldn't understand what was being said. With better audio, you'd have Newgrounds Gold here. Gold.

Overall pretty good

When batman comes up hes belt dissappears when he stands up

naz-1 responds:

Nothing gets passed you, Sleuth.


Work on the voice overs sometimes you couldn't understand what they were saying.