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Reviews for "^school life"


Great art, but i think the voices could be better.

it was nice and long.

And if the art was smoother, it would be good.

But well done anyway.


The animation in this was awsome!Kickass plot too!(did it have any),lol,this was awsome!I have no idea what it was about,but it was great!Keep up the great work!!!


What is that?

Man, that didn't make much sense at all. It would be way more better if there would be plot of some sort. And work on the voices, allright? I can' understand what they're talkin' about...

naz-1 responds:

Wasn't supposed to make much sense.

mmm yeah pretty good

you maby schould try to draw all charcters in same style...
else good work

i hate this box

i might have enjoyed but i couldnt work out what they were saying, i tried to turn it up but, well, i would like my ears to work when im 100 (i plan to live for a long time ;/), could you perhpas redo it with good sound 'and' (yes im being cheeky i want two things) subtitles and then i promise i will give you a good mark, providing the bits i couldnt hear are as good as the bits i could.

naz-1 responds:

I don't want your "good mark". Go away.