Reviews for "Sonic Blox"

Really Enjoyable

I enjoyed it. Robotnick can be more of a pain than a help at times but other than that it's a pretty enjoyable game

virtualtoy responds:

Robotnick is supposed to be a pain! :)

I beat the game!!!!

This is so fun and addicting!! My final score was 2570 points!! woot!! :D :D :D

Could Play It All Day!

This was tremendous fun and i wish i could play it all day! :)

Great Version of Tetris

This Tetris Game is pretty great. I love how depending how many lines you clear, Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles appear to help clear blocks.

Nicely done.


great but

dude the cheat was so easy to guees i mean is just there by the way ehat does the cheat do