Reviews for "Sonic Blox"


I agree this game looks like its been copied. But it is a okay game. You need more powerups and levels. Maybe better music and what is the cheat????

virtualtoy responds:

Actually it should LOOK like it's been copied :) Didn't you like original Sega graphics?

What is the cheat?

this is a very good game however, you should definitly have more music
please tell me the cheat!!!
If you don't like the music, then turn it off and put on your own or a rmx from the adio portal

virtualtoy responds:

Oops, sorry! I forgot cheat! Let me check source files... Aha! In main menu press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN to start from level 5.

Good fun.

Another rendition of a classic game...

Plus I loved the Sonic 3D music, you don't hear much of that. XD

Very nice ^^

Very nice jobs

wow! what a tetris!

Man, this game of tetris is GREAT never i enjoyed a tetris so well! absolutly perfect! amazing! make another with more power ups!