Reviews for "Dandy & Pied: Reloaded"

well done flash!

you have some original style with the 3D effects of the grass and trees
Good zelda and nemo references, big on humor

rockymike responds:

Hey thanks! I appreciate the review


that was cool. i like the refrence to zelda. you should have shown them killing the bee though. cool flash.

rockymike responds:

Thanks....Problem is if I kill the bee then he stops making the amusing noises.

Surprisingly good

I didn't think it was going to be all that great at first, the graphics weren't the best but that was an awesome flash overall, and some of the humor and sounds made up for it :D

rockymike responds:

Thanks...It's nice to be surprised every now and then.

pretty good

very new...never seen something like this b4.....loved the kill bill song at the end!!!

rockymike responds:


You could go far with these guys

I could see these guys going far.... perhaps not as far as F.U but they have their own charm hehe.