Reviews for "Dandy & Pied: Reloaded"

Pure Shit

Get some talent
that was shithouse..

Only good thing about it was the Final Fantasy VII music playing at the begining..

actually no its not a good thing for such beautiful music to play on such a horrible flash

wake up to yourself

rockymike responds:

Hey thanks, I enjoyed all your flashes too.


Not sure why, but it just isn't my cup of tea.

rockymike responds:

Sorry to hear that...thanks anyhow

well done flash!

you have some original style with the 3D effects of the grass and trees
Good zelda and nemo references, big on humor

rockymike responds:

Hey thanks! I appreciate the review

Surprisingly good

I didn't think it was going to be all that great at first, the graphics weren't the best but that was an awesome flash overall, and some of the humor and sounds made up for it :D

rockymike responds:

Thanks...It's nice to be surprised every now and then.


that was cool. i like the refrence to zelda. you should have shown them killing the bee though. cool flash.

rockymike responds:

Thanks....Problem is if I kill the bee then he stops making the amusing noises.