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Reviews for "Mr Whipple 2000"

Very good art style.

I really like the style of your artwork, and in this picture it's just funny. The shading is excellent, and the piece itself doesn't necessarily draw the eye to one specific location, letting the viewer let their eyes wander and take in the full piece.

MindChamber responds:



If only this were real life :P
Also, the man in the picture says "2000" but the title says "200"...

Yeah, go ahead and useless this

MindChamber responds:

whoops thanks

good but weird boob's

this bitch must of had alot of plastic surgery to her breat's to be perfectly shaped oranges......

MindChamber responds:

lol, yeah, its supposed to be moving up and down, I messed up

lol great job

ahh this is why we like mind chamber not only do u gots great flashes and games your also humerous in so many diffrent ways........you mean a lot to this site man keep it up

123 give me a boobya