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Reviews for "Elevator Music"

Hell yeah.

very cool idea, and executed very well! It's a fun song to listen to, I'll be putting this into my NG music folder. The strings are definiatly james bond theme though...Heh, that's alright though. Lastly, it loops perfectly...So it's great for a flash. nice work.

Khuskan responds:

Its funny. I hate this track, i really hate the melody and its really repetitive.. but everyone uses it.

This was a very catchy toon.

Great Job

Who Knew...?

Im gonna appreciate elevator music from now on... Nice job... Its good you took your time...

Sounds like James Bond music.

I like the simplicity and catchiness of this. :D :D


It's awesome. FUnny though really, how it can go for so long as a good music. IT seems like it's a different song every time but it really isn't kinda funny.