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Reviews for "Elevator Music"

Lol omg

So when i was watching that movie with that music, i was like" Rofl that remind me these pointless elevator music"
wicked catchy


lol i fucking love this song. why is this not on the top thirty best ever?

Amazing and cool loop

It's really catchy and could be used for almost any flash besides that elevator.


HEARD IN 115 ENTRIES?! LOL!!!!! Very nice! That is the most for any of the songs here on Newgrouns! (That I know of)

So let me guesse.... you asked them right? I mean, the odds of having 115 people use this in Flashs is one thing... but all of them not being asked?! LOL!!

It was very addicting, I'll agree. But not to be used in 115 entries!! FANTASTIC JOB ON THAT ONE.


This is possibly one of the most useful songs for flash animators