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Reviews for "Elevator Music"

root notes are the same as the James Bond theme

As long as this loop continues, James Bond is stuck in the elevator.

This could be used in a James Bond parody - where Bond goes mental waiting in an elevator on his way to the top of the evil villian's 1,000,000 storey high-rise empire for the final rooftop showdown.


I don't think it's too complex at all. The beauty of a song like this is that it IS complex but sounds incredibly simple.

The xylophone(sp?) sounds great, and the melody work is amazing. The pads in the back ground have a sort of james bond sound to them, and bass line is simple and catchy.

The percussion is very subtle, but it gets the job done. Overall a very simple but effective loop.

Aweasomly Aweasome!


It's nice, but a bit too complex in my opinion.

Like it fits the idea quite well, instrumentally it fits the elevator music idea, but the melody seems a bit fast and kind of more like a professionally done solo or something at a live performance...on the xylophone. Which I'm also agreeing with other people too about the background synth/pad. It sounds like it's getting ready to start a James Bond movie. I can almost see this playing in an elevator just before Bond gets out, and then it would start his actual theme. Good job.


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