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Reviews for "Elevator Music"


No, your not the only one. I have experience with the elevator from 007 Goldeneye.

As for the song: I just cant download it because this is just repetitive for my taste. James bond was not the only one who had good elevator music, but I swear you could come up with a different ambient ring.

But it is still worth taking a listen.


Am I the only one that hears part of the James Bond theme song in the background? :P
But in all seriousness, great work. I was looking for this kind of song and I have the one I'm using!

I love this music!

I have heard this thing in more flashes than I can remember, it's hilarious!

I loved this...

i actually used it in my youtube video called Big Gay Ben Show Episode 3.
made for a good begining tune :)

Nice blend!

As a fan of elevator music (don't ask), I found this tune very relaxing. It sounds like actual elevator music. I like the James Bond theme mixed into the background. It blends very well.