Reviews for "Tier"


dude that was fu<kin awsome, wish every1 had ur taste in music bro

poxpower responds:

No way, then I couldn't make fun of rap and people who like rap and those other people who say "rap artists" like it wasn't an oxymoron and then put aluminum foil in the microwave like the morons they are :o

Gotta love that ramstien...

you should make a video to Sehnsucht...

poxpower responds:

I should make a video to "My little Pony's theme song".

Awsome Style

Man, the last review was right. It does seem similer to Floyd. That's not a bash, but a compliment. It doesn't matter where you get your insperation from and this rocked. I think the music fit the animatin fairly well. But I don't know what the song is about. I can't wait to see more your style.


That was awsome! I'm going to dig out all my rammstien music now, bye!

Haahahaha... the heros are fucked !!!!!!!!!!!!

awsome you should follow up with another song from rammstein and a battle with the robots.

If not oh well tight flash dude.