Reviews for "Tier"

Best Rammstein Movie Ever

This beats the crap out of Avacado Clock's Sonne movie from a few years back.

Great job! 11+

poxpower responds:

sweet 8-)
clocks suck. that movie was still cool


I enjoyed watching all the machinery at work. The fbf of the robot is a cool addition.

Way to go -poxpower-! This movie is definately going on my favorites!

poxpower responds:

yay Admiral8Q :) Now I can just imagine you with a pirate hat and a bottle of Vodka watching this. haha awesome. Thanks for the review and all :P


nice graphics and animation.
u have chosen wisely whit the rd background collor , gives the feeling of a hostile enviroment.

i know u said u dont wanna make it a serie but considder just 2 make an ending for this movie.

if u dont 2 bad , but no problm.

Keep working . 2 thumbs up. :D

poxpower responds:

there is an ending. And it sucks :) But its a music vid, what does one excpet :p


Dude, Rammstein just completely rocks. This video goes extremely nice with the song. Loved it! friggin awesome

poxpower responds:

Its time like these where I'm supposed to lean back and enjoy the shower of praise. Yep. But I have to start drawing on some other stuff. :(

Nice Job

I am a fan of Rammstein, is thier any possibility you going to do more rammstein songs, if not tis ok but good job on this one, keep up with the good work!