Reviews for "Tier"

damn that rules

that was badass man all i can say is wow

poxpower responds:

all you can say seems to be "that was badass man all i can say is wow". MAN I'M FUNNY. :/ thanks for review


Pieces of art like this only come along so often. I was amazed by the art and overall presentation of the video. The way everything was in sync with the music and just how cool everything looked blew me away.

poxpower responds:

I do admit its unique. Its not technicaly superior to a lot of stuff, but its my characters at least. yeah. Thanks for the review.

nice piece of work!

ok, this is real good work, man...
music and flash are really well put together (nice, this 'equalizer' in the control room and elswhere)
why you've chosen the song 'tier' of rammstein?
nobody will understand the text of this song...

poxpower responds:

Well I chose "tier" because of the awesome solo parts or whatever you want to call them ( the ones where I put the FBF). Those are just incredible. Best moments in any Rammstein song. And I chose Rammstein because I love em' and I didn't respect the lyrics because no on cares.

holy fucking shit are u god?

dude that was some fucking raw shit man hella fucking good man u im fucking stoned and i thought u just made all the worlds armys and weapons look like a small ant hill dude keep making more u got some really kool and powerful skill man if i give u 1000000 thumbs up well if i had that many great job man flawless the whole damn thing was bad ass with the colors and the misic and the theme superb man

poxpower responds:

I'm not god.
....seriously. :p

I'm speechless!

OH MY GOD!1!!1 th15 I5 tEh c00135t th1ng on NG!1!!!1 TeH t0ta1 Sh1zn1t! You are soooo c001!! W0rd5 cant d3scr1be h0w c001 th1s 1s!!1!!1! *drooling*

poxpower responds: