Reviews for "Tier"

man that was really really good

awsome awsome awsome but i dont much like ramstein he creeps me out.....crazy german.....but other than that ur good

poxpower responds:

psssssst Rammstein is a band :o Or just a guy that can travel so fast he can appear to be at several places at once, wearing different costumes and playing many instruments. YOU NEVER KNOW :o


Ok 1st to start this off the the review under me totaly sucked cock. zanithroth, or wut ever, WTF u talking abut repetative thats what music is u idiot. and Mr.Freeze? wtf have u been smokin bitch u see his mouth is he wearing tights and a glass container over his head? Its like a guild master or something. IDIOT!

Anyway now for the review all I can say is great job! It just shows you what the word is like these days.

poxpower responds:

So far he's:
-Guild Master
-some other stuff.
Keep it up you imaginative bastards : )


Tier means beast.......but any ways good flash.

poxpower responds:

Actualy, "Tier" means "a third". In french.


Hey man do'nt pay any attention to any of the asscocks here trying to tell you about how it sucks becuase the theme of the song doesn't go with the theme of the movie. After all even the official Rammstein video for "Sonne" had nothing to do with the theme of the song at all ;)

I really liked the style that you used. Everything fits perfectly. It's a shame that we won't be seeing a sequel, but if there were well maybe it would probably end up going the way of "The Matrix". But if you have any other ideas well my best wishes to you!

poxpower responds:

But how do I know that in face, its the people who say its good that are assholes :o Oh wait, because they don't just say "it sucks" and run away.
At which point I'd like to remind Liljim that we, the review mods, would like to be able to delete retarded reviews instead of pretending the flagging system works >:( I know you're listening James. Bastard.

anyways thanks.

a number cant justify how good this is

beautiful...thats like....im lost for words.
Pox, you my friend are a true genious in the art of flash media, every beat of the song signified something in the video, which usually flashes will have songs that are totally off for the mood of the video, but not yours, its just true brilliancy, great art work....and just a dark moody aura to it, its just...words cant describe it...WoW......