Reviews for "Tier"


You should make a seris.

poxpower responds:

not with this I won't :o Just you wait if I ever win the lotery, I'll have time enough to make many series.

Great movie.. who cares what the song is about!!

I loved this flash. All those guys who are dissing you saying you don't know what the song is about are retards. WHO CARES.... it inspired you to do this video! That's what music is about. GREAT FLASH MAN!!!

poxpower responds:

Your words are like soft poetry to which I write songs about rape in german :o

Awesome Piece.

I love the kmfdm-esq art, and way to use my favorite rammstein song. this rocks. :)

poxpower responds:

Thanks. And people try to say I have no musical taste :o BOLLOCKS I says to them. And then he said "shut up you're not even british, why are you using "bollocks" for you moron".

fuck me with a dead chicken

Man, I am stoned and that was a wicked vid for weed. Just the music with the visuals... quite cool.

What does man do?

Excellent I give my scores to everything with Ramms+ein. Now you need to make a music video for 'Wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen'. Its a piece of art

Keep this stuff comming