Reviews for "Tier"

Awesome style

I donno anything bout how it should go along with the song but i thiught the idea was great and it was executed very well, as for style....... even without the song's context it had a style all its own that fit in with the song in my opinion..... i liked it, great job

poxpower responds:

yeah if does fit with the SOUND indeed. Its a music video after all. Not a word.. video.. or something.


Rammstein is a great band, always liked them. Deffinatly picked a good song fir the vedio! But did anyone else notice the the colors were RED and BLACK just like the Nazi sign. lmao! And the dude looked like some nazi taken over the world! HAHA very cool.

poxpower responds:

LMAO??? What you're happy its nazi-ish? If so, you're cool with me :o

I like this.

Nice music video, i guess how you put it or animation, but whatever, it's great. Nice choice of music as well.

poxpower responds:

yus thanks

Nice work, lots of effort

A guy a know named cable showed me that band over the summer, they are some german band.. i have no clue what any of the are saying cus I speak jap. and esp. but not german. they are a good group and if you know what the song is about I would like to know... keep up the good work dude!

Another great experiment

With someone as popular as you, it is great that you were experimenting with different types of submissions. It was great to see a music video from you, and it reminded me of stuff by Kol-Belov. The animation was very impressive in this. I especially liked the transitions when it went from the more detailed parts to the sort of action scenes with the action scenes. There is just so much detail and so much going on in the background. I have heard some stuff by Rammstein, but never this before.