Reviews for "Tier"


that was so cool. at first i didnt know wtf was going on and i still dont but the robots attacking and flying was sooooo cooool.
plz do more!! =D

poxpower responds:

aaaah simpler times :o


wow,im a Rammstien bitch,but that not withstanding,brilliantly done.Definatly actual music video material

poxpower responds:

Wow actualy music video material! Good thing, considering this is a music video :o


That was pretty damn cool. The music and the graphics were coordinated perfectly. The music was great. I went and got a copy of one of Rammstein's albums after seein this. Those last few frames were you saw those guys staring and thinking to them selves "Aw man we're fucked."
That was a very good way to finish it.


It looks like you took a looooooooong time on this. The graphics are great. Is this German or something?


Man This is the best art work i have ever had the pleasure of seeing just simply....Wow Great work man.